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Participating in the 2022 Paris session

You are invited to participate in discussing Special Reports at Study Committees Group Discussion Meetings.

After reviewing and examination of the Session Papers, Special reporters have compiled questions, that are not specifically aimed at the papers’ authors, but are synthesised from common issues and trends identified in across the papers. This provides the opportunity for a broader response and participation in the Group Discussion Meetings.

We encourage you to share your views or experiences in response to these specific questions in the Special Reports.

Intended contributions should be made available to Study Committees in advance for prior screening and for a more optimal organization of the Group Discussion Meeting.

So experts who wish to contribute to the Group Discussion Meetings should upload their contribution on the registration portal  – “Contributions to Group Discussion Meetings” section - using existing account and own credentials before August 10th, 2022.

Prepared contributions can only be made by registered attendees, who will attend the GDM in person.

Prepared contributions comprise power point presentation with max 3 slides and a text version with max 1000 words per contribution.

See more in our guide for contributors and use our templates for your contribution(s) - available on this page.

IMPORTANT! To submit a contribution, you must be duly registered to the CIGRE Session. It implies that your effective payment is received by CIGRE Central Office ahead of your submission. The Contribution should be submitted through your delegate's area on 

Only contributors who physically attend the Session at the Palais des Congrès can present their contribution(s) during the Group Discussion Meeting and only authors who physically attend the Session at the Palais des Congrès can make presentation(s) during the Posters.