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CIGRE Next Generation NetworkThe NGN Presentation Showcase

The Global Next Generation Network (NGN) Presentation Showcase Event during the CIGRE Paris Session 2022 invites all CIGRE National Committees (and individual CIGRE members from countries that do not have a National Committee) to participate.

The showcase involves presentations by NGN members that take place at each of the 16 Group discussion meetings (GDM’s).

The showcase was originally initiated by the CIGRE-UK NGN, aiming at providing a good development and networking opportunity for global NGN members to showcase their work in this excellent international platform.

Through the event, it was also expected to enhance international collaboration between NGN groups and increase NGN member participation in the Paris Session, while driving sustainable membership growth for CIGRE by engaging with potential future experts in the industry.

The first four global NGN Presentation Showcases were held at the CIGRE Paris Sessions in 2016 and 2018, at the e-Session in 2020 and at the Virtual Centennial Session in 2021, and all four turned out to be great successes: 22 NGN members from 14 countries got the chance to present their work in 2016, 31 NGN members from 21 countries got the chance to present their work in 2018, 33 NGN members from 23 countries got the chance to present their work in 2020, and 29 NGN members from 19 countries got the chance to present their work in 2021.

With the positive feedback received from participants, Study Committee (SC) Chairs and audiences, it is planned to hold the fifth event at CIGRE Paris Session 2022:

2022 NGN Showcase Selected Candidates

Contact: Anthony Giacomoni,

The NGN will be hosting a variety of events throughout the week including technical/poster presentations, career speeches, networking/social activities, a site visit etc. Please refer to the NGN Agenda to find further details of these events.

Note: The NGN Booth will be open from 8:30am to 6:00pm from Monday (29/08) to Friday (02/09)


Next Generation Network (NGN) Forum

Date: 31 August 2022, 11:00-14:00 (Paris time) – Room 352B

Complimenting the showcase activities at the 16 GDM’s is the NGN Forum a dedicated event held at the Paris Session on 31 August

The Next Generation Network (NGN) brings together students and young professionals in the power industry from around the world.  The participants in the NGN Forum will learn about collaboration within the international NGN community, be inspired by the activities of young members from different countries and have the opportunity to share ideas for the future.  The NGN Forum is always a highlight of the CIGRE Session for stimulating discussion, setting goals and founding new initiatives for the contribution and involvement of young members in CIGRE.

Contact: Stefie Cray,

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