face to face with your global community!

The Paris Session is back! Attend the global industry exhibition, discuss the energy transition, renewables, cybersecurity and much more...

28 August - 2 September 2022
The Session


face to face with your global community!

The Paris Session is back! Attend the global industry exhibition, discuss the energy transition, renewables, cybersecurity and much more...

28 August - 2 September 2022


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The Paris Session is back in its in-person format for 2022! We are excited to bring you one of the most comprehensive technical programmes we have seen yet from this unique thought leadership congress.

With a massive 950+ Technical Papers spanning the end to end power system, this is a must attend event for all serious power system professionals.

The Session opens on 28 August featuring a keynote speech by Dr Arshad Mansoor, CEO of the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), who will talk about ’Resilient Decarbonisation’. This is followed by a panel discussion on ’Energy transition - featuring equipment, technology, systems and market coupling’, introducted by Marcio Szechtman, Director Transmission Eletrobras (Brazil), and Chair of CIGRE Technical Council.

Following this opening, covering the salient issue facing the industry, the Session then offers a wide ranging technical programme including:

Six key workshops

The CIGRE Study Committee’s workshops feature experts from different parts of the world, presenting their most recent studies and experiences on:

- Large power system and market disturbances (Monday afternoon, 29 August)

- Extra-long transnational transmission lines (Monday afternoon, 29 August)

- Oscillatory instabilities and interactions in inverter based resource (IBR) dominated power systems (Tuesday afternoon, 30 August)

- Standardization of cybersecurity in power utilities digital infrastructures – a joint vision from IEC, IEEE and CIGRE (Tuesday morning, 30 August)

- SF6 alternatives for transmission and distribution substations and their switchgear (Wednesday morning, 31 August)

- Knowledge transfer of substation engineering and experiences (Friday morning, 2 September)

16 Group Discussion Meetings

The Group discussion meetings (GDM) form the main components of the Session, with four daily conferences run in parallel from Tuesday, 30 August, to Friday 2 September, throughout each day.

The contributions prepared by the delegates who wish to answer the questions of the Special Reporters during the GDMs, will be collected through the registration platform, as in 2021.

16 New Tutorials

The 16 Study Committees have selected tutorials delivered by Working Group members, from Monday 29 August to Thursday 1 September: two in the morning, and two in the afternoon.

The topics selected for this Session will relate to:

- Synchronous condensers for power systems with low or zero inertia generators

- Life extension of oil-filled static machines

- Field experience with vacuum switching devices

- A new era for submarine cables

- Coatings for power network equipment

- Asset health indices for equipment in existing substations

- DC grid benchmark models for systems studies

- Wide area protection

- Global grids

- TSO-DSO cooperation - Control centre tools requirements

- Interactions between wildlife and electrical infrastructures

- Evaluation of temporary overvoltages in power systems due to low order harmonic resonances

- Carbon pricing in wholesale electricity markets

- Electric vehicles as distributed energy resource systems

- Electric performance of new non-SF6 gases and gas mixtures for gas-insulated systems

- Artificial intelligence application and technology in power systems

Poster Session

There is a record 950+ new technical papers for the 2022 Paris Session. The poster sessions will have a dedicated space for authors to present their papers, in a poster format, to interested delegates from Monday 29 August to Thursday 1 September. Each of the 950+ final papers will have a space and a time slot for this purpose.

The Paris Session really is the leading global event for power system expertise. Join us in Paris this August and be a part of the first Session of CIGRE's second century and help the world deliver sustainable electricity for all!

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