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A feature of this year’s Paris Session is the 'Start-up's Pavilion'. As a new addition to the large technical exhibition, the Pavilion will allow new companies with new ideas and disruptive innovations to access the Paris Session and showcase their technologies to the world’s power system professionals.


CIGRE Session 2022 Start-up's Pavilion

In its début the Pavilion is well subscribed, featuring 19 companies in the shared space so far. This includes winners of numerous innovation awards and an array of new technologies that are sure to inspire great interest.

Between 12 and 2.30pm  on each day of the Session, on a rolling basis companies will present their fascinating and sometimes breakthrough technologies within a dedicated presentation area.

Located on the first floor of the technical exhibition, in the tradition of CIGRE, we expect the Pavilion to attract great interest and generate stimulating discussion and debate.

The 19 start-up companies currently registered for the new Pavilion are:

- Achillea Research, Inc.

- Adaptricity


- Ecojoule Energy Pty Ltd

- envelio GmbH

- Gilytics AG

- GML Transmission Solutions SA, German branch

- Grid Instruments

- Heimdall Power

- HEXACODE Solutions

- LiveEO

- Mosaic Grid Solutions GmbH


- Power Lines Pro

- Roseau Technologies

- Sunto by ALI GROUP SRL

- Synaptec Ltd

- Soraytec Scandinavia AS

- Tagup Inc.

If you have a start-up company that would like to participate in new Pavilion in 2022, please follow this link

Join us for the Paris Session this August, the leading global event for power system expertise. We are proud to showcase new technologies and innovations to our CIGRE community and wider industry.

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