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The Virtual Centennial Session will be held fully virtual from August 18 to 27.

When will the Virtual Centennial Session, take place?

  • The Virtual Centennial Session will be held fully virtual from August 18 to 27.

Why is the Session organised in a virtual format this year ? What does it mean exactly?

  • Due to the Covid situation across the globe, the decision has been taken to make the 2021 Centennial Session a virtual event. This Virtual Centennial Session will be a unique immersive digital experience, professionally broadcasted from the Palais des Congrès of Paris. Using this technology, the event will run over eight working days.

Since the papers are the same for the 2020 e-session, what enhancements and discussions will occur for the 2021 Centennial Session?

  • The 2020 e-Session was based on the papers presentations by the authors, which normally is not the case in a CIGRE Paris Session. This was made to recognize the efforts of the authors who provided their papers. The Virtual Centennial Session will be based on the contributions provided by contributors during the Group Discussion Meetings in response to the Special Reports questions, as in a normal Paris Session. The content of the Virtual Centennial Session will be completely different from the 2020 e-session content, with new tutorials, workshops and panels, as indicated here:

How will the previously paid 2021 Session be moved to the 2022 Paris Session?

  • Any paid registration to the 2021 Session is automatically moved to the 2022 Paris Session. No action is required.

If I cannot go to the 2022 Paris Session, how can I receive a refund and what will be the cancellation fees?

  • A delegate who would not be able to attend the 2022 Paris Session will have to inform Central Office before July 31st 2021 in order to receive a refund minus the handling fees of 240€. (Companions are fully reimbursed).

What will be the participation fees for the Virtual Centennial Session?

  • CIGRE offers three (3) different options to attend the Virtual Centennial Session : 1 - Delegates who registered for the 2021 full Session can carry their registration forward to 2022 and access this year's virtual event for a special highly discounted rate. 2 - Unregistered delegates can register now to both, 2022 Session & the Virtual Centennial Session and also benefit from the same preferencial rates. 3 - Unregistered delegates can register to the Centennial Virtual Session only. The registration fees have been lowered to reflect the virtual nature of the event. Details of the options on

Is a pre-registration mandatory to access the Virtual Centennial Session’s activities (Opening Ceremony, GDM, tutorials, Worksophs, etc…) ?

  • The registration to the Virtual Centennial Session gives access to all activities of the event. No additional registration is required to attend the Opening Ceremony, GDM, tutorials and/or workshops.

How do I apply for the new 2021 Centennial Session discount for the previous payment for the 2021 Session?

  • The amount already paid is automatically transferred to the 2022 Session. Therefore, you can register online to the Virtual Centennial Session at a very reduced price. Should you want to attend the Virtual Centennial Session only, you will be refunded of the amount paid minus the registration fees for the Virtual event.

I registered to the 2021 Session through my National Committee. What do I have to do ?

  • Your registration is also automatically transferred to the 2022 Session therefore you can register online to Virtual Centennial Session at a reduced rate. Should you want to attend the virtual Centennial Session only, please contact your National Committee to cancel your registration and receive full refund. Once done, go to in order to register to the Virtual Event. In case you do not want to attend neither the Virtual Session nor the 2022 session, you will be refunded minus the handling fees of 240€. Companions are fully refunded.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • - Any registration to the Virtual Centennial Session is non-refundable. - Delegates registered to the 2021 Session before the Event went Virtual and would not want to attend the Virtual Event or transfer their registrations to the 2022 Session can cancel their participation and be reimbursed minus the handling fees of 240€ per delegate. Companions are fully paid back. - Please note that cancellation for travel agency, accommodations, and other travel expenditures are governed by their policies and not CIGRE.

How can I submit my contribution for group discussion meetings?

  • Contributions for group discussion meetings can only be submitted once the registration is paid. The contribution submission has to be done through your private CIGRE account.

Which format is accepted for contributions for group discussion meetings?

  • The format of contributions can be : Word, PDF, PPT, MP4 – see the instructions of the involved Study Committee in the Special Report.

Who is considered NON-MEMBER by the CIGRE in the price list?

  • Are considered non-member, delegates who have joined CIGRE in 2021 or cannot justify two consecutive years of membership : 2019/2020 or 2020/2021.

What are the criterias to be considered as a Young Profesionnal?

  • Young professional status refers to the year of birth and is allocated by the National Committees. To find out if you are elligible, please contact your National Committee.

If am student or young professional, how do I apply for those discounts if applicable?

  • Students and young professionals can benefit from a reduced rate at the Virtual Centennial Session. Register online on the registration system will recognize your status with your membership number and will automatically apply the corresponding reduced rate.

If I did not pay previously for the 2021 Session, how can I apply for the 2022 Paris Session to receive the discount for the new Virtual Centennial Session?

  • Register online on You will be able to select the rate for both Sessions which includes a discount fee for the Virutal Centennial Session.

There will be people in attendance in Paris for the 2021 Centennial Session, is that invitation only?

  • Only the CIGRE Study Committees leadership teams will attend in Paris, i.e. Chairs, Secretaries, Special Reporters or their local substitutes. If it is possible for them, invited speakers and panellists will also be welcome in Paris. Attendees, including contributors to the Group Discussion Meetings, will attend remotely.

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