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In our drive to address global warming, this workshop considers the current status and outlook for technical alternatives to SF6 switching equipment, and in particular, their impact on TSO/DSO applications.



Focal points include:

  • Relevant features of new media and performance comparison with SF6

  • Pilot projects demonstrating new products in transmission and distribution applications

  • Asset management guidelines for the (potential) users of SF6-free switchgear

  • Lifetime considerations, including HSE aspects

  • Implications for standardization and testing

This workshop is brought to you by Study Committees A3 and B3* and runs over three hours from Studio 2 of the Virtual Session. This is one of four key workshops that are included in the registration fee, all are offered both live and recorded.

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Please note: Delegates will be able to access recorded content of all of the events within the Virtual Centennial Session.

* A3 Transmission and distribution equipment, B3 Substations and electrical installations


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28 June 2021

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