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The Paris Session is an iconic event on the biennial calendar and after two consecutive cancellations CIGRE is excited to confirm this year's congress is returning to the face to face format at the Palais des Congrès.


CIGRE Session 2022

As we look to the planning of this special event, we are pleased to communicate Paris is fully open for business and it is with excitement we look forward to welcoming you back for the first Session of CIGRE's 2nd century.

As you come across the border you will find restrictions are fairly minor, you will need your vaccine certificate for your airline but there are no PCR tests at the border if you are vaccinated. The rules vary a little depending on your country of origin and vaccine status, but overall it is an easy experience. As for the travel itself the author can confirm it is much smoother than expected.

I can report this first hand as I am presently in Paris working with my colleagues at Central Office. My journey was literally from the other side of the planet (New Zealand) involving four flights. For me it was surprisingly normal and perhaps even smoother than normal.

On arrival in Paris to overcome jetlag a long morning walk through the city ensued. I was happy to see the Parisians enjoying coffees and croissant in the many path side cafes and the hum of this great city much as it was before the pandemic. Crowds strolled the Champs-Élysées and the usual charm of Paris was in abundance.

Since my arrival the French government has also lifted many restrictions with vaccine passes only required in certain situations such as age care or medical facilities. Cafes and other venues no longer require vaccine passes so I could come and go easily. Masks are also no longer mandatory except on public transport.

Finishing my walk through the Tuileries gardens I could soon make out an extended queue for the Louvre. This left with me a lasting impression that Paris really is 'open for business' and I felt reassured that as delegates gather in August that their experience in this beautiful city will be as good or better than previous Sessions.

The Paris Session, the leading global event for power system expertise, it's on!


Colin KnoxColin KNOX,

CIGRE's Marketing Consultant

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