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At CIGRE's 2021 Virtual Centennial Session, participants will be enthralled by 16 comprehensive new technical Tutorials spanning CIGRE's end to end scope of work.



Incisive, cutting edge thinking covering low through to high voltage, will be delivered via proven interactive GoTo Webinar technology.

To follow is a summary of the 16 Tutorials and the times they will run:

  • A1: Impact of Cycling on Large Electrical Motors (1200 – 1400 Wednesday 18 August)

  • A2: On-Site Assembly, On-Site Rebuild, and On-Site High Voltage Testing of Power Transformers (1200 – 1400 Thursday 19 August)

  • A3: State of the art of DC circuit breakers in T&D (1400 – 1600 Thursday 19 August)

  • B1: Installation of HV / EHV cable links (1400 – 1600 Friday 27 August)

  • B2: State of the art on sustainability of overhead line conductors and fittings – conductor condition assessment (1200 – 1400 Wednesday 25 August)

  • B3: Management of Risk in Substations (1400 – 1600 Tuesday 24 August)

  • B4: HVDC harmonics – topical and emerging issues for AC and DC sides (1200 – 1400 Thursday 26 August)

  • B5: Protection, Automation and Control of the Evolving Grid (1400 – 1600 Thursday 26 August)

  • C1: Development of a power system that mitigates climate change and is adapted to the change that we can’t avoid (1400 – 1600 Friday 20 August)

  • C2: Operating strategies and preparedness for system operational resilience (1400 – 1600 Wednesday 25 August)

  • C4: Challenges with series compensation applications; the case of overcompensated lines (1200 – 1400 Friday 27 August)

  • C5: Application of Blockchain to Electricity Markets (1200 – 1400 Friday 20 August)

  • C6: Rural electrification (1200 – 1400 Monday 23 August)

  • C6: Multi-energy system interactions in distribution grids (1200 – 1400 Tuesday 24 August)

  • D1: Dielectric Testing of Gas-Insulated HVDC Systems (1400 – 1600 Monday 23 August)

  • D2: Enabling Future Transmission and Distribution Interoperability with Enhanced Information and Data Exchange (1400 – 1600 Wednesday 18 August)

To read a full summary of the content of each Tutorial view this brochure. Or register now and be a part of the world's leading virtual event for power system expertise.

Please note: Delegates will be able to access recorded content of all of the events within the Virtual Centennial Session.

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