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Paris Session delegates have come to expect in-depth, technically advanced, ground-breaking, interactive, insightful presentations, discussions and debates.

Virtual Centennial Session


Technical, ground-breaking, must attend

Since 1921, Paris Session delegates have come to expect in-depth, technically advanced, ground-breaking, interactive, insightful presentations, discussions and debates. As usual, this is what you can expect from the 16 Group discussion Meetings (GDMs) in 2021 our centennial year.

At past CIGRE Sessions, the GDMs covering the end-to-end scope of CIGRE’s 16 domains of work were the main part of the event, in the form of conferences where delegates answered questions from the Special Reporters. These responses took the form of written contributions submitted in advance for validation by the Study Committee Chairs, and presented orally at the GDMs within a time limit. The Virtual Centennial Session will also follow this principle.


Enhanced technical focus

Just like previous Sessions, special reporters have reviewed the papers presented in 2020 and are now calling for contributions to a suite of technical issues, questions and discussion points that will drive the GDMs. Here’s a taste of some of what to expect from just two of our Study Committees…

Study Committee C6 Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources

  1. Energy storage systems can be used for the provision of a number of services – which services are most viable and why? Are there any technical drawbacks in delivering the service provision?
  2. Which major factors should be considered when planning Active Distribution Systems in the context of increased DER such as Demand Side Response (DSR) resources and Electric Vehicles (EV)?

Study Committee B3 Substations and electrical installations

  1. We would like to receive and prioritise contributions which address how working through COVID-19 has impacted on substation operations. In particular, how have these experiences changed your thinking for the long term?
  2. With the drive to achieve ‘Net zero by 2050’ or earlier… what will be the key issues to manage? What role do economics or legislation play in the future of substation design and operation?

As delegates expect, the salient issues faced by our industry are covered, including renewables integration, storage, green hydrogen, the digitisation of the power system, cybersecurity and more. View a full list of questions and discussion points by Study Committee area at

Once registered, delegates can submit their contributions to one or more of the subject areas. Find out more at


Timed for delegate convenience

The Virtual Centennial Session will be held over 8 four-hour days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, from 18 to 27 August. It has been configured to offer our global community greater flexibility, achieved by positioning the various events to conveniently span key global time zones. In addition, 16 new tutorials will be broadcast parallel to the main event, using the GoToWebinar management platform.


Choose what’s important to you

Being virtual this year, the GDMs will be broadcast professionally from a suite of five new state-of-the-art broadcasting studios. In the tradition of our thought leadership congress, the 16 Study Committee organising teams, including Chairs, Secretaries and Special Reporters, will be on hand in Paris to lead expert technical discussions. Remote but still immersive delegate input and engagement will be carefully facilitated, with findings made available on a daily basis.

Digital delivery of CIGRE's end-to-end scope of work will make it even easier for delegates to select the meetings and events from the calendar most aligned with their needs. View the full programme.

One fee covers all 16 GDMs, and being virtual, registration fees have also been reduced.

CIGRE’s virtual GDMs are new, but just as essential for power system professionals as they’ve always been. Unite with us at the Palais des Congrès de Paris this year and be part of the world's leading virtual event for power system expertise. As usual, this is a must attend event for the serious power system professional from every continent. Register now.

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