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On 29 August at the 2022 Paris Session this popular workshop will run at 2pm Paris time. The large disturbance workshop is a collaboration between the study committees that examine power system operations and electricity markets and regulation. 


Large disturbance

The workshop reviews recent system and market events to understand the lead up to the events, their true causes and to examine what has been done to prevent their recurrence.  The workshop usually includes six to eight recent disturbances from around the world.  In the past it has included blackouts in India, Australia and Texas to name a few.  It has also included technical events that did not result in blackouts, such as the European system separation in January 2021 and the polar vortex event in the PJM system.  There have also been market events from USA, Brazil and New Zealand where the system operated successfully but the markets damaged or bankrupted participants.  The exact events to be discussed in 2022 will be added soon to the programme and is expected to include disturbances from most continents.

This workshop is one of seven at this years Session, the others include:

- Standardization of cybersecurity in power utilities digital infrastructures – a joint vision from IEC, IEEE and CIGRE - Study Committee D2

- Extra-long transnational transmission lines - Study Committees B1, B2, B4 & C1

- Oscillatory instabilities and interactions in IBR dominated power systems - Study Committee C4

- SF6 alternatives for T&D substations and its switchgear - Study Committees A3 & B3

- Joint SC C5 and IEEE seminar on BlockChain

- Workshop Study Committee B3: Knowledge transfer of substation engineering and experiences

To view a synopsis of each, and see when they are scheduled, please visit the General programme and click > SC Workshops > Choose the day > Expand the box to view the synopsis.

Registrations are at regular rates until 31 July.

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