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You are invited to join our dedicated team of experts volunteering their knowledge and time at the Virtual Centennial Session. Each of them will be present in Paris to [...]

In our drive to address global warming, this workshop considers the current status and outlook for technical alternatives to SF6 switching equipment, and in particular [...]

Workshop: EMT analysis for large-scale system impact studies in power systems having a high penetration of inverter connected generation.

Hydrogen can be used as a fuel, as storage or as a carrier and has many possible CO2 emission-free applications in electricity supply and across industry, transport [...]

At CIGRE's 2021 Virtual Centennial Session, participants will be enthralled by 16 comprehensive new technical Tutorials spanning CIGRE's end to end scope of work.

In this highly anticipated technical workshop become prepared for large disturbances in power systems and markets.

Paris Session delegates have come to expect in-depth, technically advanced, ground-breaking, interactive, insightful presentations, discussions and debates.

The Virtual Centennial Session will be held fully virtual from August 18 to 27.

CIGRE’s Virtual Centennial Session – it’s new, but just as essential for power system professionals as it’s always been. And registrations are now open …

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