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The 2022 CIGRE session is back in face-to-face and we are delighted to organize it in Paris, the city of light.

The capital of France is designed for the enjoyment of its visitors and as Victor Hugo said « Breathe Paris in. It nourishes the soul ».

It streets, squares, buildings, gardens and monuments are fascinating. Visiting the city where everything is possible, where time and space disappear, is a true gift.

Magic does happen when we believe in it and this year after being apart, we are delighted to welcome you as companions to share with us this moment of joy, fulfillment and gratitude in one of the most inspirational city of the world.

As this year is a special one, we have decided to make some changes in order to give you more freedom to visit and do activities that will suit you the most.

To organize your activities in Paris, Mathez Viazur one of CIGREs’ historical service provider will give you the guidance you need for visits and activities around the city.

Mathez Viazur Agency

Notre dame de Paris cathédrale
©Paris Tourist Office - Photographer: ©Sarah Sergent

For this years’ collaboration with Mathez, we have decided to give the opportunity to each one of you to organize with the agency directly the type of tours and visits that are right for you.

We invite you to contact directly the agency that will take care of your request and lead you to have an enjoyable stay in Paris.

To contact Mathez  

Cruise Tea Time

Refreshing and elegant the Cruise Tea Time offers the opportunity to have an enjoyable gathering in Paris. Gilding under one bridge to another with a view of the finest monuments,

Tour Effel
©Paris Tourist Office - Photographer: ©Sarah Sergent

enjoy a relaxation time in the heart of bustling Paris.

Practical informations

- Address : Port de la Bourdonnais – 75007 Paris.

- Date : Monday 29 of August. 

- Schedule : Cruise Boarding at 14h30.

- Menu : Sweets (Fruit Salad, Petits fours, etc.) & drinks.

For your information* : We invite you to express your interest as soon as possible regarding the « Cruise Tea Time » in the delegate space > activities section.

Please note that you may withdraw your voucher at Palais des Congrès in companion reception desk. More informations to come…