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2021 Centennial Session


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CIGRE, standing for power system expertise since 1921, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2021 with a unique Centennial celebration, held at our Palais des Congrès venue in Paris, France, 20 – 25 August 2021. 

2021 Centennial Session

From an historical perspective, our great family of CIGRE endured a Session in 1939 whereby “heavy storm clouds already threatened the world, they burst with the implacable fury of a world-wide cataclysm.”

(Quotes from 1946 Opening Session by Ernest Mercier, CIGRE President 1933 to 1948).

For CIGRE’s 25th Anniversary, delegates called for a great Paris Session in 1946.

President Mercier continued…

“you have eloquently answered by easily beating all your previous records, for today there are 950 (delegates) registered, thus showing your impatience to resume those trusting and warm contacts of which you had established the tradition, like the members of a single great family dispersed all over the globe.”

With current storm clouds from the pandemic beginning to clear in 2021, it is in this tradition we will mark our Centennial with a once in a lifetime event. We mourn those who have been impacted by the pandemic, but CIGRE must endure as the foundation for power systems world-wide. CIGRE stands for sustainable electricity for all. As humanity struggles to respond effectively to climate change our organisation has perhaps never been more important or valuable.

We wish to celebrate as fervently as they did in 1946 on our 25th. The relevance of CIGRE was proven then and will continue for our next 100 years, especially as we complement our traditions with enhanced digital offerings. Though an in-person Session is what we have always known, while the pandemic persists we know that not everyone is able to travel to Paris. We demonstrated last year that excellent value can also be derived in a virtual setting. As a result we will offer the Session in a hybrid of face to face and virtual in 2021, or should circumstances dictate in a full e-session format.

While prepared at very short notice, the 2020 e-session still proved to be an unprecedented online event. Surveys undertaken after the event identified high levels of satisfaction and a range of valuable insights. The virtual Session events to be run in 2021 will be even more comprehensive, in-depth and interactive than in 2020.

We call on all of our community and the wider industry to join us for this seminal Centennial  event.

The CIGRE Session is the leading global event for sharing power system expertise. Watch this site for updates on the event, programme and information on the celebration.

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